Shocks & Struts Replacement

What are Shocks & Struts?

Mazda has optimized the design of their shocks & struts to handle most road conditions while providing a comfortable ride.

How long do shocks & struts last?

If your Mazda has been on the road for over 120,000 kilometers, your shocks & struts will have “cycled” over 112,500,000 times, reducing their ability to safely keep your tires in proper contact with the road, especially on poor road conditions and in severe braking situations. This creates an unsafe condition of compromised vehicle control and longer stopping distances.

Is it time to schedule my shocks & struts replacement?

Replacing your shocks and struts after 120,000 kms will restore your vehicle’s suspension system back to Mazda factory specifications, improving vehicle control, maximize braking effectiveness, and providing safe, peace-of-mind driving for years to come.